Dog Training

Dog training can be rewarding and fun, for both you and your pet. Find helpful resources, instructional how-to's, and tips on training and behavioral issues for dog owners and professional trainers, alike.

Dog Training and Behavioral Issues

With nearly 20 years of professional dog training and behavioral counseling experience, we have learned a lot about every aspect of training. From basic obedience, to shaping and clicker training, to behavioral counseling for barking, anxiety, and aggression, we have compiled useful tips and information for dog trainers of all experience levels.

We have organized these articles on dog training into convenient categories.  If you want to peruse all of our articles on dog training, you can visit our article category Dog Training.  Also, you can use our handy search tool located on the right-hand side to find exactly what you're looking for.

Our section on Dog Training Techniques contains invaluable articles and how-to's on various dog training methods. This section includes such things as how to teach basic commands, how to correctly perform shaping, and more.

Read our section on Dog Training Concepts to get an understanding the various ideas and concepts used for dog training, and how and why they work. Learn about topics such as positive reinforcement for dog training, lure-reward training, scarcity, and more.

If you are interested in learning about the tools of the trade, and how to use them, visit our section on Training Tools and Products.

For insightful reviews and recommendations on useful training resources, see our section on Training Books and Videos.

See our section on Behavioral Issues for information and tips on how to deal with various problematic behaviors, such as aggression, barking, jumping, and more.