Dog Owners

They're not just pets, they're cherished members of the family and faithful friends. Make sure they're getting the best care possible. Everything you need to know about finding, and caring for, your canine companion.

Articles, Information, and Tips for Dog Owners

Over the years, we have compiled tons of useful information and tips on all aspects of dog care. We want to share this information with current and prospective dog owners, so that you can make informed decisions for your pet.

We have organized our articles into convenient categories.  If you want to peruse all of our articles for dog owners, you can visit our article category Dog Owners.  Also, you can use our handy search tool located on the right-hand side to find exactly what you're looking for.

For prospective dog owners, we have included a section with articles on Getting a New Dog or Puppy. This section includes things like breed considerations, adopting and rescuing, choosing a breeder, products you will need, home considerations, preparing your home for your new dog, and more.

For current dog owners, we have a number of useful article sections.  Dog and Puppy Care includes information and tips on all aspects of caring for your pet, including veterinarian and health considerations, grooming and bathing, walks and exercise, house training, and much more.

Our section on Dog Products and Food includes reviews and information about various dog foods and treats, and all types of dog-related products.

Also, in our section on Pet Care Books and Videos we provide reviews and recommendations regarding books, videos, and other resources on pet care.

Finally, we have included a section with Breed Information articles.  This contains special information and tips for various dog breeds, including characteristics, special needs, health issues, and more.