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Dog training articles, information, and how-to's for dog owners and professional dog trainers.  Read about training techniques, treating behavioral issues, dog training tools and products, instructional articles, and more.

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Articles, resources, information, and tips for pet professionals, including pet sitters, dog walkers, and trainers.  Find articles on running a pet business, sample forms and contracts, marketing your business, hiring staff, and more.

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Articles, Information, Resources, Tools, and Tips for Dog Owners, Trainers, and Pet Professionals

Welcome to DogBright!  We are your ultimate source for information and resources for everything related to dogs.  DogBright is constantly being updated with new articles for dog owners, as well as professionals who own or run pet-related businesses, including dog walkers, pet sitters, and dog trainers.

DogBright is owned and maintained by pet business professionals who have nearly 20 years of experience operating a successful dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training business in the DC metropolitan area.  We have brought our wealth of experience and knowledge here to share with people who love and work with dogs.

For dog owners, we have articles, information and advice on everything from choosing a new puppy, to selecting the best dog foods and products, to the best ways to ensure that you are properly caring for your canine companion.  Visit our Dog Owners section for more information.

For those interested in dog training, DogBright has tons of great articles and instructional guides on training techniques, principles, and tools, as well as information on handling behavioral issues.  Whether you are a dog owner who is interested in learning how to teach your dog basic obedience, someone who is interested in becoming a professional trainer, or already a professional dog trainer, you will find something useful and informative.  Visit our Dog Training section for more information.

For pet professionals, we have compiled articles, resources, and tips on every aspect of starting and running a pet-related business.  Find everything from sample forms and contracts, to advice and information about marketing your business, to articles on the nuts-and-bolts of running a pet business (hiring, scheduling, accounting).  Visit our Pet Professionals section for more information.

Dogs are a life-long passion for us.  We hope that you find what we share useful and insightful.  We always love to get feedback.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please Contact Us.